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Stand up, stand out and stand proud!

The Hobart recipients with UTAS Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen

The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award has been presented to a group of UTAS students who have demonstrated determination, dedication and perseverance- and a lot of generosity.

Across a 10 month period the participants complete 40 hours of volunteer work. This is supplemented by their attendance at three seminars per semester. The students are also required to write eight reflective pieces about their experiences and what they have learned throughout the process.

The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award was created to educate, challenge and inspire. It is designed to strengthen students’ personal development, work ethic, community awareness, leadership and employability.

UTAS Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen congratulated the Award winners and their dedication.

“Leadership matters enormously- you know it when you see it.

“It’s one of the great missions of the university to produce great leaders and generally speaking we have been quite good at it.

“It seems to me there is always something great leaders have in common and it is that people choose to follow them,” Prof Rathjen said.

This year’s recipients of the Vice-Chancellor’s Leaderships Awards are:

Launceston recipients:

  • Rebecca Badger
  • Simone Leah Brown
  • Gavin Campbell
  • Mitchell Gooch
  • Jessie Green
  • Pham Van Hien
  • Ceanne Innis
  • Timothy Jones
  • Ramy Khalil
  • Binxia Liu
  • Anthea Mulcahy
  • Jacynta O’Rourke
  • Samara Priest
  • Tanya Rataj
  • Eliza Reid
  • Brooke Saward
  • Ana Vavrek
  • Angela Winwood
  • Richard Woodford
  • Marita Young

Hobart recipients:

  • Jasmine Al Haifi
  • Michael Allison
  • Robyn Beattie
  • Rebecca Chirichiello
  • Natalie Conlan
  • April Davies
  • Kelly Dewey
  • Joel Granger
  • William Gregory
  • Benjamin Hunn
  • Chris Jones
  • Jason Jones
  • Andrew Kimpton
  • Kaitlin Langdon
  • Michelle Legg
  • Elizabeth Goulding
  • Alexander McKeown
  • Eugene Ming Han Lim
  • Melinda Minstrell
  • Jade Mitchell
  • Ridzuan Mohsin
  • Harry More
  • Megan Newett
  • Joseph Nicholls
  • Peter Hoeon Park
  • Jessica Phair
  • Damian Reardon
  • Hannah Robert-Tissot
  • Curtis Salter
  • Hang Su
  • Shiv Sundaram
  • Lijuan Zhu

Photo: The Hobart recipients with UTAS Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen.

Published on: 10 Nov 2011 12:20pm