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The Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT) is inviting students and staff to participate in two exciting new projects.

The Students on Film and Staff on Film projects aim to create a suite of video clips that can be accessed online by the UTAS community. It is hoped that, by watching the videos, students will gain from the experiences of their peers and the advice of staff. The videos will address many topics, from adjusting the university culture and understanding expectations, to making sense of course content and working on assignments.

"This project aims to show students that they can overcome difficulty using a range of tried and tested strategies that other students have used before them. It also aims to clarify what is expected of students, and why," said Peta Statham, of CALT.

CALT is seeking around 30 students to be interviewed on camera during September and October. Interviews are expected to take around 20 minutes.

Participating students will be rewarded with a $20 iTunes voucher, plus a chance to win a further $150 of vouchers. Interested staff and students should register online as soon as possible. Students can register at the Students on Film project page. 

Alternatively, contact Peta Statham by email to

"We would like to represent students and staff from a range of disciplines, backgrounds and life stages, as this will reflect the diversity of the UTAS community," explains Peta Statham.

For more information contact: Peta Statham, CALT, phone: (03) 6226 1901

Published on: 08 Sep 2011 3:57pm