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Student graduates and says big thank you

Daniel Deng celebrates his graduation with Professor Robert Menary.

When Daniel Deng began his degree at UTAS in 2007, he never imagined that he would be standing in academic gown celebrating his own graduation.

But with determination and good fortune, Daniel graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours at a ceremony in Hobart, surrounded by his brother and cousins.

Daniel is from Sudan and has been in Tasmania for four years.

“I have really enjoyed studying at UTAS,” Daniel said.

In 2008, Daniel was the recipient of the Robert Menary Tasmania University Scholarship in Agricultural Science. The scholarship was implemented by the School of Agricultural Science In recognition of former UTAS Professor Robert Menary’s distinguished career in teaching and research in agricultural science.

“When I started I didn’t believe that I would get this far. I’m very grateful to the University and to Robert for the scholarship,” Daniel said.

During his study, he developed a keen interest in biology. His Honours thesis involved researching the comfort factor of wool. This involved investigating the effects of genetics in merino sheep and testing the quality of its wool. It is an area that he is keen to pursue as he embarks on the next phase of his life.

Daniel plans to move to Western Australia to work and be closer to his brother, but first he will travel to Nairobi in Kenya to see his family and share his achievement with them. 

“I’m really overwhelmed today. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me, to UTAS for their support, especially Robert Menary. Working with the Agricultural Science students was also a great experience.”

Caption: Celebrating his achievement: Daniel Deng celebrates his graduation with Professor Robert Menary.

Published on: 15 Dec 2010 12:04pm