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Tale of uni life with a Dr Seuss edge

Man holding video camera in front of sign

''UTAS Master of Teaching student Jeremy Sibson is the lucky winner of the Faculty of Education's 2012 "A day in the life of a UTAS education student" video competition.

Jeremy's entertaining video, which shows him going about his daily business at UTAS narrated in a Dr Seuss-style rhyme by a child, has earned him a prize of $1000.

"I'm studying multimedia and music and I have a graphic arts certificate, so this sort of thing has always interested me.

"We've done a lot of video work in the course, particularly the last two semesters," he said.

"I got myself a video camera, good editing software and thought 'a thousand dollars, I could do with that.'"

Jeremy originally wanted to use an existing song for his video, but copyright proved a hassle. Instead, he wrote a rhyme himself.

"At three o'clock in the morning I woke up and thought, 'I'll have a child narrate it and do it in the style of Dr Seuss.'"

He then consulted a variety of Dr Seuss books, documented his daily activities and carefully constructed rhymes to go with the footage.

"Getting the rhymes and alliteration right took a long time!"

His friend's child got the narration perfect in just three takes.

Jeremy has used his prize money to buy a tablet and fund a family trip to a friend's wedding.

"I'd wanted a tablet for a while but couldn't justify spending the money."

"It's expensive to do trips like that as a family, so the prize is a godsend."

View Jeremy's video on YouTube.

Published on: 20 Sep 2012 9:38am