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“The American Election Season of 2012: the Circus is in Town”

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A free public lecture coming up will examine the American election season in detail.

The American Election Season of 2012: the Circus is in Town will be delivered by Professor Howard Schweber, the 2011 Fulbright Flinders University Distinguished Chair in American Political Science.

American politics provide some of the best spectator sport in the world, Prof Schweber asserts.

“In this year's election the Democratic side of things is fairly staid by virtue of the presence of an incumbent running for re-election, although even the Democratic primaries have yielded a few surprises.

“Meanwhile, the Republicans have done their part and more to provide a fascinating, illuminating, and sometimes highly entertaining show. To refer to the process as a circus seems inevitable when we are talking about a political party whose emblem is an elephant, but in this case the term seems apt,” Prof Schweber said.

“Every circus needs ringmasters, high wire walkers, animal trainers and clowns...From the horse race of delegate counts to polling data to the strategies and the personalities, a review of the American election season in progress is needed. What happens next?”

About Professor Howard Schweber:

Howard Schweber, a Professor with the Department of Political Science and Legal Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the inaugural Fulbright Flinders University Distinguished Chair.

Through his Fulbright, Professor Schweber will spend five months at Flinders University examining the ways in which foundational concepts of representative government have shaped the development of Australian constitutional and political culture.

The prestigious Fulbright program is the largest educational scholarship of its kind, created by U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright and the U.S. Government in 1946. Aimed at promoting mutual understanding through educational exchange, it operates between the U.S. and 155 countries. In Australia, the scholarships are funded by the Australian and U.S. Governments and corporate partners and administered by the Australian-American Fulbright Commission in Canberra.

Who: All are welcome to this free public lecture

What:The American Election Season of 2012: the Circus is in Town will be delivered by Professor Howard Schweber

When: 31st May 2012 6-7:30pm

Where: Stanley Burbury Theatre, University Centre, Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay campus

RSVP / Contact Information: E:; P: 6226 2521

Prof Schweber is one of 18 talented Americans to be recognised as a Fulbright Scholar to Australia in 2011. Applications for Fulbright Australian Scholarships for 2012 are open, visit

Published on: 25 May 2012 3:25pm