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Two Nursing students rewarded

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The 2011 Crown Princess Mary Scholarship has been awarded to two students studying nursing at the University of Tasmania - Emilie Middelhede and Lynette Munk.

Emilie is in her final year of study at VIA University College and Lynette is in her final year of study at University College Sealand. Both colleges are located in Denmark.

UTAS Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen, extended his warm congratulations to Emilie and Lynette.

“The presentation of any scholarship is an occasion to celebrate the achievements of our most talented and promising students.

“However, the presentation of the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship is particularly special.

“It is a scholarship which emphasises the strong friendship between Tasmania and Denmark.

“Also, it is a scholarship which allows students to study abroad and to gain the experience and understanding of a different culture, an experience that is enriching both academically and personally,” Prof Rathjen said.

Senior staff from the University attended the ceremony, as well as the Crown Princess Mary‟s father (Professor John Donaldson) and sister (Patricia Bailey), members of the Danish Consulate and local Danish community.

The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship is awarded to high achieving students from Tasmania or Denmark and provides the recipients each with $2,000 towards the cost of their studies in Tasmania.

The scholarship is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students in all areas of studies offered at UTAS.

The recipients are chosen not only for their academic merit, but also their extra-curricular activities and motivation for studying in Tasmania.

About the recipients:

Emilie is on student exchange from VIA University College in Aarhus. She is enrolled in Acute Care Nursing in the UTAS School of Nursing and Midwifery. Her personal objectives for studying in Tasmania included helping her develop her nursing skills, challenging her professional knowledge, developing her English skills and seeing Tasmania’s extraordinary nature first-hand. Emilie has been a helper for a disabled blind girl with renal failure and mental disability, has worked in a psychiatric unit, and for the past few years has been a helper for a disabled girl with cerebral palsy.

Lynette Munk is on student exchange from University College in Sealand. Lynette is also enrolled in Acute Care Nursing in the UTAS School of Nursing and Midwifery. Lynette’s personal objectives are to continue to develop her entire self”, to broaden her horizons and to have a better command of the English language. Lynette is a Danish citizen born in Zimbabwe. She has work experience as a qualified social and healthcare worker, and has the support of her husband, children and grand child who are all still in Denmark, to allow her to follow her dream to become the best nurse she can be.

Photo: Emilie (left) and Lynette (centre) celebrate their achievements with Patricia Bailey, one of Princess Mary’s sisters.

Published on: 04 Apr 2011 11:07am