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UTAS Energy Challenge Winners

Energy Winners

This year's UTAS Energy Challenge, held over the month of August, was a great success. The combined monthly energy cost saving for the three challenges exceeded $5,300.

Thirteen departments, sections and schools across the state participated in the Switch Off Challenge to reduce out-of-hours energy use from appliances and lighting.

The winners for best performance in this challenge were Zoology in Hobart with 88 per cent of equipment switched off and the English Language Centre in Newnham achieving a 75 per cent switch off.

UTAS Sustainability Officer Kim Beasy congratulated the winners.

"Challenge shows what a difference people power can make - especially when there are a lot of people participating."

"The energy savings have added up to more than $5000."

The department most improved over August was the School of Sociology and Social Work in Launceston. First prize in the Switch Off Challenge was $1,350; $900 for second prize and $450 for third, in addition to a hamper of Fairtrade goodies for each winner.

Prize money is to be spent on sustainability initiatives around the winning offices.

Accommodation students from each campus committed to reducing their energy usage for the month in the Kill-a-Watt Challenge. The North West Rural Clinical School Apartments came in first place with a massive decrease of 47 per cent. Residents in Block 8 at Newnham came second with a nine per cent decrease and John Fisher College only just missed out on prizes with a six per cent decrease.

Four labs from northern and southern campuses participated in the Shut your Sash Challenge by switching off fume cupboards and/or shutting their sashes to reduce energy expended from the exhaust.

The winners for this challenge are the School of Pharmacy (best performance at 86 per cent) and the National Centre for Marine Conservation and Resource Sustainability (largest improvement 20 per cent).

Both participants will receive $700 to spend on sustainability initiatives and a hamper of Fairtrade goodies.

Total energy savings for each challenge over the month of August were:

  • Kill-A-Watt 23,850 kWh less energy, saving $3,000.
  • Switch Off 9,850 kWh less energy, saving $1,000.
  • Shut your Sash 36,000 kWh less energy, saving $1,300.

Energy audits prior to the challenge identified that some UTAS groups had already implemented a number of energy saving practices prior to the challenge. These, combined the improved practices implemented during the challenge month, created an estimated $90,000 in annualised savings and a reduction of UTAS carbon emissions by 366 tonnes.

For more information on how you can save energy (and money) and reduce carbon emissions, visit the UTAS Property Services sustainability website or email

Photo: Lauren Faulkner from the English Language Centre, Sustainability Officer and NCMCRS lecturer Carmen Primo Perez and Anita Burt from the School of Sociology and Social Work accepting the award on behalf of the Faculty of Arts.

Published on: 08 Oct 2012 12:05pm