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UTAS Painting students ready to show off


UTAS painting students are making their mark with an exhibition at Entrepot Gallery at the Tasmanian School of Art this month.

The show, Gestalt, which opens Thursday 23 August at 5.30pm, is a great opportunity to see the diversity of painting in this group of second year students.

Dr Yvette Watt, Associate Lecturer in Fine Arts, said the beginning of second semester of a second year unit marks a key point.

“The work being produced is rapidly developing both conceptually and technically, but is still a testing ground for ideas and approaches.”

More than 30 students are producing work specifically for the exhibition.

“This is the fourth year the exhibition project has run as an assessable task for the second year painting students,” Dr Watt said.

“However, this is the biggest group we have had in this time. It is also the first time the exhibition has been held in Entrepot, which is quite a small gallery space.”

Dr Watt believes the students have faced the challenges of putting their own exhibition together head-on and she is pleased to see how well it is all coming together.

“This makes for a very diverse range of artworks with something for everyone,” she said.

“But beyond this, it showcases the work of painting students at the half way point. They are already demonstrating an admirable professionalism in both the organisation of the exhibition and the production of their artwork.”

Dr Watt suggests people take note of the students whose work stands out for them and keep an eye out for their name in future exhibitions.

Gestalt runs until the 31st August.

Published on: 23 Aug 2012 11:47am