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Semester Roadmap

Week 4: Confirming Your Enrolment

The semester one Census Date is Friday March 22. This is the date that your enrolment for this semester must be finalised. It is a good idea to check your enrolment within eStudent to make certain that you are only enrolled in the units you definitely intend to study this semester. Withdrawal from units after this date will attract a financial and academic penalty. You can use the Pre-Census Date Checklist to check that you have completed all activities regarding your enrolment prior to the census date.

If you’d like to further develop your English language and/or academic skills, Student Learning deliver workshops on these areas throughout the semester. These workshops are open to all students studying in degree programs at the University of Tasmania. If you think you need some intensive help with academic writing, book a consultation with a Student Learning Adviser. Don’t forget to also seek the support of your teaching staff if you have questions about your unit or upcoming assessment items. If you’re having any difficulties, your teaching staff absolutely want to hear from you. Some units at UTAS offer PASS sessions conducted by PASS leaders who are trained to help students to revise content and enhance study skills in a relaxed environment – absolutely no commitment required! Check out the list here to see if your unit is offered.