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Report It Network

Have you had a bad experience, such as discrimination, harassment or threats?

Do you want to know who you can talk to about this?

Report It NetworkReport It Network (PDF 240 KB)

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The network

Report It Network members can be easily identified by the Report It sticker at their workplace. The Network is made up of staff from all areas of the university who care about student well-being and safety and who understand the importance of having someone supportive to talk to when dealing with an unpleasant experience. Network members can help students make contact with the people who can best provide support in situations involving discrimination, harassment or other abuse, and they will encourage students in taking action in response to such situations

Rationale for and aims of the project

The university affirms the right of every student to feel safe and respected; we also acknowledge that discrimination, harassment and other incidents do occur. In particular, recently arrived migrant (CALD) students and international students encounter certain kinds of harassment or abuse more frequently, and often do not have the personal support networks that locals might.

The Report It project aims to:

  • Make it easier for students to access support if they encounter harassment, discrimination or abuse
  • Affirm the legitimacy of students' experiences and need for support by having human beings as a direct point of contact (rather than an online form, for example)
  • Give staff at UTAS confidence in directing students to appropriate support
  • Encourage bystander action to combat racism and other forms of discrimination, as emphasised by the Australian Human Right Commission's national campaign against racism


The below posters were used across UTAS campuses to initially promote the Report It Network.

Report It poster 1
Report It poster2
Report It poster3

UTAS supports your human rights

The University of Tasmania is an official supporter of the Australian Human Rights Commission's National Anti-Racism Campaign.