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Everything you need to manage your enrolment can be found in eStudent.

We are also here to help you complete your enrolment and other important administrative tasks. If you would like assistance with this step, register for an 'Enrolment Help and Ask Us' session at your local campus.

Enrolment Help and Ask Us Sessions are available for you to come onto campus and gain assistance from staff, in order to complete your enrolment. Click here for a list of all the available sessions (including drop-in sessions) for Sem 1, 2019



If you wish to register for a session, please take note of the following:

eStudent is where you will manage the administrative aspects of your study, including enrolment, your contact details, viewing your fees, accessing your exams timetables and preparing for graduation. There are several details you sould complete before you enrol:

  • Update your contact details - Go to the DETAILS section in eStudent and look for CONTACT on the left of the page. Please include your postal address, phone number and personal email address.  You must also remember to add the address you are living at while studying (your residential address), as well as a contact phone number.  For international students listing your residential address is a requirement of your visa.
  • Update your emergency contact details - we need to know who to contact in the case of an emergency, please ensure that this is up-to-date at all times.

Please visit Ask Us for more information, or see these questions below to get you started:

Before you can enrol in units there are several things that you will need to complete in eStudent under the study plan tab:

  • Institution Terms and Conditions – you will need to view these and confirm that you accept them.
  • Parent/Guardian Highest Education Details – this information is being collected by all universities for a long-term government study. You will need to indicate the highest level of education your parent/s achieved in their lifetime (if known).

Domestic students – in eStudent, you will also need to complete:

  • Request for Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP also known as eCAF: All Domestic students in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) need to complete an eCAF regardless of whether you are deferring fees or have a fee scholarship / sponsorship or waiver (e.g. foundation units, Family History etc.)
    • You will need your tax file number (TFN) to complete the form if you will be applying to defer your tuition fees to a HELP loan*.
  • Request for SA-HELP Assistance: Domestic students who are eligible and wish to defer Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF), instead of paying them up front, need to complete an SA-HELP form.

For assistance with this step please see the Video Tutorials.

*University Preparation Program students do not have to pay any fees but are still required to complete this form.

Please see these Ask Us articles for additional information to get you started – to explore more on this topic, type a question into Ask Us:

Once you accept your offer and have received your username and password, you will need to choose your units for your first semester of study. It is important you familiarise yourself with your course structure, course rules and a listing of available units through the Courses and Units page. See this video guide for help on how to navigate the Courses and Units page, choose, and enrol units.

Please see these Ask Us articles for additional information:

If you are unsure about your unit choices, contact U Connect.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled in the murina Pathway Program who would like to discuss their unit choices with someone, are invited to speak with an Aboriginal Student Success Officer at Riawunna or the murina Associate Lecturers. 

University College students please note: if you need assistance in selecting or enrolling in your term subjects, please contact your support officers at

University Preparation Program and Diploma of University Studies students can register to attend a tailored information session.

You must enrol in all units for your current year as early as possible.

Please Note: Enrolments for the 2019 calendar year will open in early October, 2018.

How to enrol:

  1. Login to eStudent and navigate to the ‘Study Plans’ tab;
  2. Find the red ‘Select’ button for your course(s);
  3. Select the ‘expand all’ option. If you have pre-planned units they will be on the Study Plan already;  you can select ‘Choose’ (if available on the right hand side) to add subjects manually for them to then become ‘Planned’;
  4. Select the study period for each unit (if it gives you a choice), tick the ENROL checkbox on the right and click the red ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page;
  5. Double check and hit ‘confirm enrolment’ and you’re DONE!
  6. Confirm you have enrolled correctly see How do I confirm my enrolment status

Need help: Enrolment Guide and Video Tutorial

Check your UTAS e-mail using the username and password for specific enrolment advice for your course.

And after enrolling:

The fees that you will need to pay will depend on your citizenship or residency status, and what type of place you have been offered. Some students are eligible to defer their fees to a HELP loan.

Domestic students - You will be charged your tuition fees and Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) separately. University Preparation Program Students, please note that this information is not relevant to you, as you do not have to pay any fees. If you are a domestic student studying in an undergraduate course, in most cases you will be offered a Commonwealth Supported Place, which means that your fees will be subsidised by the Australian Government. Most post-graduate courses are full fee paying. Once you have enrolled in your units you can generate your fees invoice in the Fees and Scholarships tab in eStudent.  If you have already paid your fees or chosen to defer your fees to a HELP loan, this is for your record only.

International students - Your tuition fees and Student Services and Amenities Fee will be calculated as one amount and referred to as your “Annual Tuition Fee” on your offer letter. Generate your invoice in eStudent to view your fees.

Please see these Ask Us articles for additional information to get you started – to explore more on this topic, type a question into Ask Us:

ID cards can be made for you on-campus when you arrive or, if you are a distance student, you can order one through U Connect.

A student ID card will allow you to gain access to campus buildings, borrow library books, receive student discounts and lots more.

Please see these Ask Us articles for additional information to get you started – to explore more on this topic, type a question into Ask Us:

MyLO (My Learning Online) is the system where you will find your online course work and manage the academic side of your studies.

The units you have enrolled in will be listed here.

Under each unit, you will find your unit outlines, lecture recordings and other academic related resources. MyLO is also where you submit your assignments.

You will need to become familiar with MyLO as soon as possible. Your unit coordinators will generally post your coursework to MyLO only at the very start of the study period, so don’t worry if you cannot see them before this time. It can also take up to 48hrs after you enrol in your units before your units will be seen in MyLO.

There are links to MyLO from most pages of the website. You will need your UTAS username and password to log in to MyLO. It is recommended that you open MyLO using Google Chrome, as some browsers are not compatible.

More information and help is available via the MyLO Student Support pages on the website.

You can also refer to the below Ask Us articles or simply type a question into the Ask Us search bar: