UniStart aims to help you develop the essential skills required for independent learning and success at University, such as critical thinking, critical reading and academic writing.

UniStart consists of

  • a choice of face-to-face lectures and tutorials, or online tutorials and activities before semester begins
  • access to online resources throughout the year
  • workshops and individual learning skills consultations to support your learning, available throughout the year

On completion of this unit you should be able to

  • use critical thinking in your university studies
  • access and effectively utilise university learning resources
  • understand the process of preparing a university level assignment and apply this in your assessment
  • demonstrate honesty in your academic work
  • critically reflect on areas of strength and weakness in your academic skills and understanding, to enable you to continue to develop these throughout your degree

UniStart also provides you with the opportunity to improve your skills in

  • using the UTAS Library effectively
  • using computers effectively for your university study
  • navigating the online environment at UTAS
  • learning from lectures and note taking
  • participating in tutorials and giving presentations
  • managing your time, study pattern and stress levels
  • writing formally for university.

UniStart is offered On-Campus or by Distance. Regardless of the study mode you choose, you are expected to negotiate your involvement in the course independently. Independent learning in UniStart means that you are responsible for choosing which sessions/topics to complete, the extent to which you participate in activities on offer, and the use you make of the resources available to you.