Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program

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Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program

The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program (VCLP) provides opportunities for leadership development and engagement in a range of experiences that will help you to make a difference in local and global communities. Your experiences in the VCLP are formally recognised and celebrated, and as a result enhance the competitive edge of your degree when applying for a job.

The VCLP consist of 3 key tiers. You can progress through the program at your own pace and recognition opportunities and exit points are provided at every tier. Students who complete all three tiers will exit with the prestigious Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award.

Benefits of the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program
  • Develop your leadership and employability skills that will help you with future career planning and build your employability profile.
  • Gain formal recognition for relevant experiences you have undertaken.
  • Become part of an elite network that provides a range of opportunities to network and engage with industry and future employers.
How do I participate in the VCLP?

Each tier has a different enrolment pathway, click on the different tiers to find out more information. Note, you must complete the first two tiers in order to undertake Tier 3 and receive the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Award. Tiers 1 and 2 may be taken in any order. Each tier has a different enrolment pathway and exit point with formal recognition. Click on the different tiers to find out more information:

Tier 1: Academic unit- Leadership and Service: Developing Skills That Enhance Your Employability

Tier 2: Apply for citations

Tier 3: Developing your employability profile

How long does it take to do the VCLP?

It is up to you as to how long it will take to complete the VCLP. To achieve recognition for any of the components of the VCLP, you need to complete them before graduation.  As an idea the Unit will take one semester, the citations will take a combined total of around 110 hours and the Employability Profile will take around 10 hours.

Key Dates
Unit XLL102

This unit will be offered in Semester 2, 2016. Additional semesters may be advertised later in the year.

Citation and VCLA applications

These will be assessed twice annually. The following two closing dates with ensure inclusion on academic transcripts prior to each graduation:

  • August graduation applications must be received by 1st of June.
  • December graduation applications must be received by 1st of November
For More information

For more information about any part of the VCLP program, please contact us: or call 03 6226 7264

For VCLP information sessions and VCLA citation and application assistance, visit CareerHub and book your place in a workshop.