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University provides support for cancer research

Published 08 Mar 2018

The work of two University of Tasmania researchers, each driving towards a better understanding of cancer, has been recognised with 2017-2018 University of Tasmania Cancer Research Fund Grants.

Dr Andy Flies, from the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, was awarded around $36,000 to investigate an overlooked pathway towards anti-cancer immunity: ‘Inhibitory motifs in the ‘extracellular’ domains of immune checkpoint molecules.’

An expert in the field, Dr Flies has eleven publications to his name related to checkpoint molecule immunology.

Dr Phillipa Taberlay, from the School of Medicine, was also awarded close to $67,000 to investigate the development of ‘CRISPR/Cas Library Screens’ for identifying novel cancer therapies.

The broad goal of the research is to identify novel genes and molecular pathways essential for proliferation, survival and metastasis of cancer cells, which will ultimately lead to new therapeutics for managing uveal melanoma, retinoblastoma, prostate and colorectal cancers.

The University of Tasmania Cancer Research Fund Grant is awarded for research directed at improving the understanding of cancer, its prevention, cure or treatment, including palliative care.

The proposed research must form part of a research program for a University of Tasmania HDR student or employed postdoctoral (early career) Research Fellow.

Image: Dr Andy Flies