Spring & Summer Units

Faculty of Arts

Units listed below are for Summer December 2014 - February 2015. A full range of Spring and Summer units are available online under Courses & Units.

New students 

Spring School - new students wishing to study during Spring School (Semester 5) need to complete an Application for Admission form which is located on the Admissions website.  

Summer School - new students wishing to commence study in Summer School (Semester 3), can apply via the eApplication System

Current students

Students who are currently studying at the University of Tasmania can enrol in Spring/Summer units through eStudent.


H = Hobart, L = Launceston, W = Cradle Coast, O = Overseas, D = Distance education

School of Humanities

Dates for Professional Placement in Asia are 18 November 2013 to 31 January 2014, with the field trip being an intensive 5-day period at the end of January. 

Unit code Unit title Spring Summer
HMA253/353/453 Professional Placement in Asia O O
HTB200/300 The Grand Tour: The History of travel and tourism 1700-2000  H, D  
HEN207 Writing Poetry H  
HMA251/351 Volunteering in Asia H  
HPA249/349 Climate Change: Who to believe? What to do? H  
HUM107 Bringing the World back Home H, L, D  
HAF229/329 Gender, Ethics and Society H  

School of Social Sciences

Unit code Unit title Spring Summer
HIR101 Introduction to International Relations D (H,L,W,I,N)  
HEJ105 *Media Production A: Extreme Documentary H  
HEJ103 *Media Training H  
HSP107 Preparing for a Police Career H, D  
HEJ107 Communication and Professional Writing H  
HGA299/399 Australian Society D (H,L,W,I,N)  
HEJ060/070 AsiaBound field trip: Regional Soft Power in Asia O  

*The Faculty of Arts is pleased to offer these units with tuition fees covered by a 100% scholarship in 2013. Costs including the Student Services and Amenities Fee and any books or materials required are not included in this scholarship.

Tasmanian College of the Arts

The Tasmanian Creative Arts Summer School (Inveresk) runs between 13 - 24 January 2014. Interested students please register via the website www.utas.edu.au/tasmanian-creative-arts

Unit code Unit title Spring Summer
FFE233/333 Art Business Management L  
FFA271/371 Wilderness and Natural Environment L  
FFC110 Clay in form L  
FFE217/317 Art Practice Extension A - Direct Metal Sculpture L  
FFE216/316 Space and Surface L  
FFX202 Textiles for Body & Space L  
FFS251/351 Body Adornment L  
FFD204/304 Drawing from the Environment L  
FFD208/308 The New Woodcut L  
FFR252/352 Digital Imaging - Foundations L  
FFP250/350 Painting: Contemporary/Temporal L  
FPB138 Contemporary Theatre Workshop A L  
FPB252/352 Effective Speaking L  
FPB240/340 Performance Project A L  
FPB138 Contemporary Theatre Workshop A - Commedia, Clown and Physical Comedy. L  

Tasmanian College of the Arts (Hunter Street)

Interested students please contact Arts Student Central on Arts.Faculty@utas.edu.au

Unit code Unit title Spring Summer
FSP105 Painting Techiniques: Media and Methods H  
FSA200 Complementary Studies (Observational Drawings) H  
FSA103 Introduction to Art Studio (Introduction to Figure Painting) H  
FSR213 Printmaking Techniques (Experimental Collagraph Printing) H  

Please visit the Faculty of Arts website for more information.