Spring & Summer Units

Tasmanian School of Business & Economics

Units listed below are for Spring 2013 and Summer December 2013 - February 2014. A full range of Spring and Summer units are available online in the Course & Unit Handbook.

H = Hobart, L = Launceston, W = Cradle Coast, D = Distance education

Undergraduate units

Dates for Spring units (except BMA112) are 18 November to 20 December. BMA112 runs 2 December 2013 to 7 February 2014. Dates for Summer units are 6 January to 7 February 2014.

Unit code Unit title Classes held Spring Summer
BFA141 Commercial Transactions Tues and Wed H  
BEA111 Principles of Economics 1 Monday H  
BFA104 Accounting Context and Method Tues and Wed H  
BEA140 Quantitative Methods Monday H  
BMA101 Introduction to Management Thurs and Fri H, D  
BFA103 Accounting and Financial Decision Making Tues and Wed H  
BFA208 Financial Management   H  
BMA121 Management of Human Resources Thurs and Fri H, D  
BMA116 Communication for Business Professionals Thurs and Fri H, D  
BMA151 Principles of Marketing Thurs and Fri H, D  
BMA112 Introduction to Sports and Recreation Management   D  
BMA202 Strategic Management   D  

Postgraduate units

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Unit code Unit title Spring Summer
BFA503 Introduction to Financial Management H  
BLD506 Making Innovation Happen: Ideas Generation H  
BEA674 Data and Business Decision Making H  
BFA506  Business Law H  
BLD604 Innovation in the Food Industry H  
BLD509 Making Innovation Happen: Idea Frameworks H  
BMA799 Strategic Management H, D  
BLD505 Strategic Business Planning W  
BLD510 Making Innovation Happen: Creating and Communicating the Innovation Message L  
BEA683 Economics for Managers H