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UTAS encourages all members of its community to get involved to help the University become more sustainable.

Sustainability Integration Program for Students (SIPS)

SIPS aims to enhance the academic program with an active learning laboratory in sustainability. It involves the formalisation of partnerships between operational areas, faculties and schools in the development and implementation of collaborative projects that engage students in authentic learning experiences. 

For more information go to the SIPS page.

Education for Sustainability Community of Practice (EfSCoP)

The University of Tasmania has established an Education for Sustainability Community of Practice (EfSCoP) which comprises academic and professional staff and students who regard education for sustainability as central to the mission of higher education.

Sustainability representative

Why we need your help

The University's Open to Talent: Strategic Plan 2012 onwards states:

'Future planning, design and management of our facilities will be guided by a vision of sustainability seeking to reduce environmental impacts, achieve economic efficiency, demonstrate social responsibility, and enhance student experience. The implementation of innovative design and technology will complement an organisational culture which promotes sustainable practices through all of our endeavours. (Open to Talent: Strategic Plan 2012 onwards; p11).

Many hands make light work. The task of improving UTAS' sustainability performance would be challenging without a whole-of-organisation approach. Having champions for sustainability through out UTAS will serve to normalise and reinforce sustainable behaviour change.

Your role

Whether you are a staff member or student, we need your help to cultivate sustainable behaviour change within the University. Your role will be to:

  • Be an ambassador and champion for change within your school/section for achieving more sustainable behaviour.
  • Assist in the distribution of information on sustainability.
  • Participate in creating solutions to improve the sustainability performance of UTAS.

What support is provided?

In addition to regular updates on 'sustainability happenings' from the Sustainability team and periodic gatherings to connect up in person, you will receive a sustainability pack with marketing materials (e.g. stickers and posters) for current sustainability campaigns) to help effect sustainable behaviour change within your workplace. 

The University's Sustainability Manager will provide any further support as required. 

How to become a sustainability representative

If you are interested in being a sustainability representative, please contact

Thank you for taking the time to help create a more sustainable UTAS.

Other options for getting involved in promoting local sustainability