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Brian Yates, Dean SET


Corey Peterson, Sustainability Manager, CSD

Education for Sustainability Community of Practice Southern Representative

Aidan Davison, Senior Lecturer

Education for Sustainability Community of Practice Northern representative rep

Sandy Murray, Lecturer

TUU Environmental Officer (S)

Alice Wanders

TUU Environmental Officer (N)


Northwest campuses representative

Clarissa Forster, Industry Engagement & Development Coordinator

Sydney campuses representative

Lynne Saville, Lecturer

ITS representative

Adrian Dillon, Deputy Chief Information Officer

COO Division Service Delivery

Gina Hadolt, Senior Executive Officer

HR representative

Graham Poskitt, HR Manager, ABL Hub

DVC (Research) Southern representative

Ian Cummings, Acting Deputy Director, Research Development

DVC (Research) Northern representative

Megan Dean, Research Services Manager

Riawunna representative

Jaime Cave

Commercial Services and Development representative

Jacinta Young, Executive Director

Matt Smith, Deputy Director

Vivienne Courto, Associate Director Strategy, Policy and Governance

Financial Services representative

Peter Brennand, Manager, Strategic Procurement

 University of Tasmania Senior Management Team