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Position and/or RepresentationName and Title


Margaret Otlowski, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Culture and Wellbeing)

Deputy Chair and Infrastructure Services & Development (ISD)

Mike Hunnibell, Deputy Director, Infrastructure Services & Development

Sustainability, Infrastructure Services & Development (ISD)

Corey Peterson, Sustainability Lead


Katherine Walsh, Executive Officer, Governance & Executive Services

Education for Sustainability Community of Practice (South)

Aidan Davison, Associate Professor

Education for Sustainability Community of Practice (North)

Sandy Murray, Lecturer

TUU Environmental Officer (South)

Sharifah Syed-Rohan / Zoe Douglas

TUU Environmental Officer (North)

Eliza Kimlin

TUU Postgraduate Council

Sarah Young

Northwest Campuses

Samantha Flight, TIA Research Institute

New South Wales Campuses

Annah Simsons, Operations Manager

Information Technology Services (ITS) 

Richard Eccles, Associate Director, Strategy, Innovation & Architecture

Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Gina Hadolt, Senior Executive Officer

Human Resources

Fiona McCarthy, Workplace Health & Safety Advisor

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Research (South)

Mark Dewsbury, Senior Lecturer, Builting Technology

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Research (North)

Bikram Ghosh, Research Services Coordinator / Amanda Paech


Caroline Spotswood, Head of Service

Financial Services

Jennifer Birch, Procurement Manager, Strategic Procurement

GlobalCameron Parsons, Team Leader, Global Partnerships
AcademicBen Canny, Professor and Head, School of Medicine