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F3S Bachelor of Music (BMus-BTeach) Course Guide

F3S course objectives and specifications

NB: First year students should enrol in all the units listed in the Year 1 row. Second and third year students: where an elective is listed, students may choose a unit of study from the list of Conservatorium electives.

NB: In teach-out from 2010. The schedules below show the replacement units required from 2010 to complete the degree.

Replacement units (from 2010)
Year 1FCM11x Major Study 1A orFCB140 Choral ExperienceFCT110 Tonal TheoryFCC120 or FCN120 Foundation Core StudiesFCM12x Major Study 1B orFCF110 Foundation AudioFCT220 Advanced TheoryFCC210 or FCN210Intermediate Core Studies

FCM114 Composition 1A

FCM124 Composition 1B

Year 2FCM215 Performance 2A orFCB/FCP Music History unit electiveFCP303 Post Tonal Techniques orMusic electiveFCB210 Rock Band ExperienceESA 160 Professional Studies 1AESA 161 Professional Studies 1BESA 197/198 School Experience 1 & 2 (Parts A/B)

FCM214 Composition 2A

FCP304 Listening, Style & Analysis

Year 3FCJ117 Digital Audio Media 1Music History: FCH201 or FCH202FCE Music ensemble electiveFCB310 Orchestral Instruments ExperienceESA178/179 Curriculum and Method Studies: Performing Arts - Music 1A/1BESA180/181 Curriculum and Method Studies: Performing Arts: Music - Performance Practice 1A/1B
Year 4ESA260/261 Professional Studies 2A/2BESA272 Curriculum and Method Studies: Music 2ESA274 Curriculum and Method - PP 2

ESA288 Cross-Curriculum Studies Multiliteracies 2

ESA289 Cross-Curriculum Studies Interdisciplinary ProjectESA231 School Experience 3ESA231/232 School Experience 3/ 4


  • For the FCM11x Major Study 1A unit students should enrol in one of the following: FCM110 Orchestral Instruments 1A, FCM111 Keyboard 1A, FCM112 Guitar 1A, FCM113 Voice 1A or FCM114 Composition 1A. In the next unit of study an FCM110 student will enrol in FCM120 Orchestral Instruments 1B, an FCM111 Keyboard 1A will enrol in FCM121 Keyboard and so on.
  • Students may take either FCH201 or FCH202
  • Classical Voice Majors are required to enrol in FCB217 Diction in year 1, semester 1; Where the guide shows the the music history elective (ie FCB112) classical voice students take Diction in its place
  • Contemporary Stream Majors take the FCN coded Core Studies units; Classical and Composition Majors take the FCC coded Core Studies Units

Personal study planner

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For further advice regarding the Bachelor of Music Studies students should contact Mr Alistair Dobson or Ms Shan Deng

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