Tasmanian Creative Arts


When do the workshops take place in summer?

  • Summer School Workshops will run between 7th January 2013 and 18th January 2013.  

How many hours will I spend in class?

  • Depending on the actual workshop, contact hours range from 30 to 40 hours during this time. Studio days are also included within the program. It is expected that students will be asked to contribute to projects on their own outside the classroom. Further information on class times, dates, and contact hours will be released soon.

Am I committed once I have registered my interest?

  • No. At this stage you are reserving a place in the workshop of your interest. An enrolment package will be sent to you upon receipt of your registration. Successful placement in the workshop will be confirmed upon our receipt and processing of your enrolment form.

What happens if I am only placed on the waiting list for a workshop?

  • If places for workshops open up, immediate preference will be given to those on waiting lists, but successful placement will only be confirmed upon our receipt and processing of your enrolment form.

What if my application is late?

  • Applications close on 14th December 2012. Late applications may be accepted depending on available places in nominated workshops. Please contact us for late application information.

What level are these workshops?

  • Most of our workshops are suited for students of all levels. Anyone over the age of 16 can apply to attend Tasmanian Creative Arts workshops. All participants under the age of 18 must have signed parental permission to attend. Where appropriate, pre-requisites are listed in the workshop program. A number of our workshops you are able to choose whether you would like to be assessed for credit towards future University studies, or alternatively to participate on a one-off non-assessment basis, for interest alone. You will be informed if this option is available for your workshop in your enrolment package.