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FFC213/313 Ceramics: ideas from the body

Ceramics: ideas from the body

Studio-based unit which introduces students to the making of figurative objects. The study explores the reasons for the re-emergence of the figurative genre in the Postmodern era.  The human figure is central to developing ideas, meanings and appearances dealing with the satirical, heroic, irreverent, mythical, popular, political and ironic.

Students are able to develop a number of skills in modelling, coil and slab building, extruding and press moulding. In addition, various ceramic surface treatments together with a range of firing techniques are practised.  

This workshop will be delivered by Sonya Brough  

Sonya graduated with a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts from the School of Visual and Performing Arts and is currently undertaking post-graduate study in the Ceramics studio. During Sonya’s study she has concurrently received numerous awards for excellence within the studio and academic setting. Over the past five years she has given workshops in Glass and Ceramics for the Faculty of Education and the School of Visual and Performing Arts. Sonya passionately communicates her technical skills and theoretical knowledge with the specialized workshop and broader studio area. Her artistic work explores the abstract possibilities of surface patterning emerging in three dimensional organic form.