Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters 2014

Conference Theme: “Places and Spaces”
2nd to 3rd December, 2014 - Newnham Campus

As UTAS embraces the possibilities of teaching and learning with technologies in a blended learning environment, we move beyond the technological to a fuller consideration of that environment in which we all operate. Where are our students located? How can we respond to diversity and improve contextual experience? How is the academic’s teaching space changing and how do we adapt? And, ultimately, what is the purpose of the University campus and its place in the community?

‘Adoption of technologies can assist us nurture a vital and sustainable community, through facilitating interactions that go beyond what is possible when bounded by time and location’ (TELT White Paper, UTAS 2013, p6.)

While there is still a place for formal learning spaces and controlled environments for specific teaching purposes it is increasingly recognised that ‘sitting in a large lecture hall three times a week is not intellectually stimulating or perhaps worth the commute to campus’ (Garrison and Kanuka, 2004).

‘Learning is becoming more social and informal and less structured. In contrast to the character of formal lecture halls and classrooms, modern learning space design seeks to provide freedom of access and interaction with peers… Successful integration of technology and physical design into these kinds of spaces requires an understanding of emerging technology interfaces and new design approaches…The combination of mobile students and mobile technologies highlights virtual spaces, but in truth these technologies are part of a blended environment’ (Milne, 2006).

How do changing demands affect the importance of place and its personal and cultural significances in education and the transfer of learning? How is physical and virtual space reconceptualised to cater for the informal group where knowledge is shared and rebuilt, connected to the wisdom and resources of a networked community of scholars and practitioners.

University of Tasmania staff are invited to join us for discussion on implications of the changing dynamics of Place and Space in our approaches to learning and teaching. Presentations and posters need to address our main theme and link to at least one of the five indicative sub-themes:

  • This Place – The on-campus experience; high impact learning experience; international student experience; campus infrastructure and design
  • That Place – Directed/distributed delivery to satellite campuses; situated and workplace learning; regional coordination
  • Any Place – Distance/off-campus delivery; mobile learning; Open Educational Practice (OEP) and MOOCs
  • Spaces between Places – Pathways; transition programs; breadth units.
  • Inner Space – Professional development for L&T; Communities of Practice; administration and management

About Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters is the major showcase for learning and teaching at the University of Tasmania. This annual conference began in 2002 and provides an excellent opportunity to discuss teaching practice, recognise success in teaching and learning, showcase innovations and engender enthusiasm for excellence in learning and teaching.

It also provides a relaxed atmosphere with opportunities for participants to move between a variety of sessions, talk to presenters, and build networks with colleagues. Teaching Matters is open to all academic and professional staff interested in learning and teaching.

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All other proposals - Showcase; Poster; CoP Presentation; Roundtable
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