Teaching Matters

Submission details

Full refereed papers

Full refereed papers should describe completed studies based on qualitative, quantitative or other analytical methods. These papers do not require original empirical investigation, but must demonstrate a thorough understanding and scholarly approach in addressing issues of relevance to higher education, leading to well-argued conclusions. Papers should clearly address one or more of the conference sub-themes.

Papers should be 3000–4000 words in length (inclusive of abstract, referencing and appendices). Please ensure that you follow the Formatting Guidelines closely, as submissions which do not will be returned to authors and may not be reviewed.

Abstract submission

Proposals for full refereed papers should be submitted as an abstract of up to 300 words by 30th May 2014, by email attachment to: teaching.matters@utas.edu.au

Abstracts should include the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Authors
  3. Aim and purpose of study
  4. Relevance to conference theme/sub-theme
  5. Methodology
  6. Evidence and analysis
  7. Conclusions

A limited number of abstracts will be accepted to go forward as full refereed papers. Authors will be informed of the Organising Committee's decision by Monday 16th June.

Paper submission and review

Full papers should be submitted by email attachment to: teaching.matters@utas.edu.au by Friday 22nd August. Papers will be double blind reviewed by reviewers selected by the Organising Committee. Feedback will be provided to authors by Monday 22nd September, and where revisions are required authors will need to complete these and resubmit their final copy by Monday 6th October.


Presentations at the conference will be 20 minutes in length (15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for questions and discussion). Presenters are strongly encouraged to use presentation time for elaboration and discussion of their topic rather than repeating content of their paper.


Authors whose papers are accepted in the refereed paper category will be offered the opportunity for publication in an online volume of Conference Proceedings to be published by TILT, following revision if required.

Showcase presentations

Showcase presentations are invited through the submission of extended abstracts, which will be published in the conference booklet. Extended abstracts should be no more than 500 words and address at least one of the sub-themes. The deadline for receipt of showcase abstracts is 29th September 2014.

Presentations will be 20 minutes in length (15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for questions and discussion). Presenters are encouraged to distribute additional material, such as handouts, during the sessions if they wish. Please refer to the Extended Abstract Guidelines (PDF 72.1KB) when developing your abstract.

Showcase abstract submissions are exclusively online through RegOnline (see below).


Poster proposals should be no more than 250 words and address at least one of the sub-themes. Poster proposal submissions are due by 29th September 2014 and submission will be exclusively online through RegOnline (see below).

Please refer to the Poster Presentation Guidelines (PDF 85KB) when developing your poster.

Completed posters must be delivered to the Tasmanian Institute of Learning & Teaching (TILT) Office in Launceston by Monday 1st December. OR, if you are travelling from another campus please ensure you submit your poster to the registration desk before commencement of the conference on 2nd December.

Short presentations (CoP members only)

We would like to invite UTAS Communities of Practices (CoP) members to give a short presentation (5 minutes maximum) in a dedicated session at Teaching Matters 2014. This may be in a Pech Kucha or alternative format of your choice. (However, if you prefer to submit a poster or a showcase abstract separately, please feel free to do so.)

Short presentation proposals should be no more than 250 words, and should be submitted through RegOnline by 29th September 2014.

Roundtable at Connections Café

A roundtable is an interactive session of 40 minutes designed to facilitate discussion and debate. The focus of the discussion of each roundtable is a clearly identified topic that reflects an emerging issue in policy, practice or research related to the conference theme; you may for example use it to gather information and feedback on developing ideas if you wish. The convenor(s) of the roundtable will introduce the topic and indicate a number of perspectives in no more than 10 minutes. The remaining 30 minutes of the session will be allocated for discussion.

It is expected that up to four roundtables will be hosted simultaneously and will run across afternoon tea time.

Proposals to host a roundtable should be no more than 250 words and will be submitted through RegOnline (see below) by 29th September 2014.

The following information should be included:

  1. Title
  2. Convenor(s)
  3. Issue/topic(s) to be addressed. (Convenors should indicate the various perspectives to be introduced)
  4. Evidenced background (literature/theory/previous findings)
  5. Suggested question(s) for discussion

For enquiries about submissions, program and proceedings, please contact the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching at teaching.matters@utas.edu.au or the Co-Conveners of Teaching Matters 2013: Jo Osborne (Jo.Osborne@utas.edu.au ) and Ben Cleland (Ben.Cleland@utas.edu.au ).