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Geography and Environment

We offer distinctive programs.

Geography and Environment have never been more important. We help shape the future by working to:

  • Address climate change
  • Conserve biodiversity
  • Create liveable cities
  • Support resilient communities
  • Advance food security
  • Increase social inclusion and fairness.

We offer distinctive programs in human and physical geography, planning and environmental management.


Our graduates find jobs in diverse careers.

Graduates have the professional expertise to work in environmental management, sustainable development, tourism, biodiversity conservation, social policy and planning.

Your ability to bring together knowledge and skills from the natural and social sciences to create better futures in cities, rural areas and conservation reserves is in demand from governments, consulting companies and resource industries.

Our graduates are pursuing exciting careers at the cutting edge of environmental and social activity all over the globe. They innovate, travel widely and contribute to the development of sustainable and prosperous communities.


Improve the knowledge base for nature conservation.

Our research seeks to understand the dynamics of people and place to contribute to the resolution of environmental and social problems at landscape, regional and global scales.

Our work encompasses and integrates human geography, physical geography, and environmental studies. We have a common focus on environmental values, place, governance, social and institutional change, policy, management, planning and decision-making.

Our chief concern is with the interaction of nature and culture – how these interactions are constituted and how they can be better managed to move towards more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable futures.

This work is motivated by a joint concern for the well-being of people and nature. We seek to enhance personal, social and institutional capacity to secure healthy communities, both natural and cultural. We are committed to social-change approaches based on engagement with, and respect for, human and non-human communities and individuals.

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