Senior Management Team

Director/Head of School

The Director of TIA also holds the position of Head of School (School of Land and Food).

The role of the Director is to maintain and develop the relationships between these three major stakeholders of the Institute – State Government, University of Tasmania and industry. The Director is responsible for managing the resources of TIA with a particular view to maintaining the Institute’s recognised position as a world standard Centre of Excellence in agricultural research, development, extension and education. It is the role of the Director to provide leadership to the Institute in the areas of; stakeholder relations, scientific excellence, and education and training.

The primary role of the Head of School is to provide academic and strategic leadership to the School. In fulfilling their leadership role, the Head of School pursues the following objectives; building reputation, attracting and energising people, facilitating the culture and environment, building a resource base, and interacting with communities of interest.

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Senior Management Team

The Director/Head of School is supported by the Senior Management Team, which consists of the Centre Leaders of each of the five RD&E Centres, the Deputy Head of School and the Corporate Director.

The role of the Senior Management Team is to provide advice to the Director on strategic and procedural issues, promote and facilitate communication and collaboration within TIA, and addresses issues at the organisational level. Such issues may include but are not limited to; planning the TIA budget, internal and external communications, staff performance management processes, State Government and industry priorities, and UTAS policies and procedures.

Prof Holger Meinke

Prof Holger Meinke
Director & Head of School, TIA
+61 3 6226 6368

Assoc Prof John Bowman

Assoc Prof John Bowman
Food Safety Centre Leader
+61 3 6226 6380

Caroline Mohammad

Assoc Prof Caroline Mohammed
Acting Agricultural Systems Centre Leader
+61 3 6226 2921

Dr Dugald Close

Assoc Prof Dugald Close
Deputy Director for Research
+61 3 6226 2776

Dr Fiona Kerslake

Dr Fiona Kerslake
Acting Horticulture Centre Leader
+61 439 017 192

Kathy Evans

Dr Kathy Evans
Strategic Projects Portfolio
+61 3 6226 6364

Dr Richard Rawnsley

Dr Richard Rawnsley
Dairy, Grains and Grazing Centre Leader
+61 3 6430 4504

Stronach, James

James Stronach
Deputy Director for Strategy and Engagement
+61 3 6226 7503