Partnering with TIA

Today's dynamic environment places a host of competing demands on all organisations within the agricultural sector. Successful businesses must find effective ways to foster innovation and support their operations, while demonstrating corporate responsibility and engagement.

The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) offers a wide range of collaborative opportunities to support businesses in driving innovation – from a single venture to multifaceted partnerships across the Institute and the University of Tasmania.

Whether the relationship consists of research collaborations that leverage the Institute's expertise, employee professional development programs, recruiting connections that create a pipeline of student talent, or philanthropy to TIA as a way to build community and student engagement, our corporate partners receive significant returns on their investment.

We invite you to come and see what makes TIA one of the most respected and sophisticated research and academic partners for leading agricultural companies.


Helping you meet your objectives

The depth and breadth of research and teaching within TIA offers companies a range of options for aligning business needs with TIA's capabilities. Here are some of the ways your company can partner with TIA.

Maximise your research investment

TIA has five research, development and extension (RD&E) Centres that help drive innovation where it's needed most. Fuelled by creative faculty, postgraduates and students, TIA is on the leading edge of discovery, generating new knowledge and collaborating with industry to translate findings into cost-effective solutions. At any one time, TIA has about 100 RD&E projects underway on behalf of 40–50 funding bodies. Our team of highly skilled scientists is backed up by technical staff, D&E specialists and over 70 postgraduate students. Access to research farms, greenhouses and the latest scientific equipment enable our staff to undertake an extensive range of projects with direct application to all stages of the value chain. If you have a problem you think can be solved by research, you might like to think about a co-investment model. Your company can be the sole investor, a lead investor or a co-investor in a research or D&E project.

Acquire talented leaders

Well-trained and knowledgeable employees help drive and sustain business performance and competitive advantage. TIA's versatile, innovative graduates bring fresh ideas and insights to complement your existing workforce.

Transform your existing workforce

TIA has the expertise to develop relevant educational programs customised to your company's requirements. From graduate programs, to research seminars and workshops, through to the University's MBA program, we offer the executive and professional education opportunities that help position your business to excel. Other transformation options include having one of your staff embedded in TIA for periods ranging from a few weeks to several months. Include one of your staff in a TIA research team (another co-investment option) and they can apply the results of that research in your business.
There may also be opportunities for a TIA staff member to work in your organisation. For example, a PhD candidate could spend 6 or 12 months working on their research project on your farm or office.

Showcase your corporate responsibility

More than ever before consumers expect businesses to take a more active role in environmental, social, and political issues. A partnership with TIA is an effective way to meet the expectations of your customers and business partners, and to underline your commitment to this ideal.

Scholarships: Supporting future leaders

TIA and via the Agricultural Science discipline within the School of Land and Food have a wide range of privately-funded scholarships to support students to complete their studies. Scholarships can be a way to build a relationship between your company and future leaders of Tasmanian agriculture while gaining positive recognition in the process. Current scholarships support students for a 3 or 4 year degree; others cover an honours year. [A list of current scholarships] The scholarship will generally be named for the donor organisation and can be linked to your company or your industry sector. Organisations supporting scholarships are recognised through the TIA website, in press advertising and other TIA publications. We encourage our industry supporter to join us and our state and federal government partners at events such as the annual scholarship awards ceremony at Agfest. By giving to TIA, whether for student scholarships, faculty support, research, or student programming, you will be making a positive impact while accomplishing your business objectives.

Support a visiting researcher

If you become aware of research developments on the mainland or overseas that you'd like to know more about, perhaps team up with TIA to bring someone to Tasmania to share their insights with us.

We're open to suggestions

If there is some other way you would like to cooperate with TIA that's not listed here we are always willing to talk about new ideas. Contact your Industry Centre or get in touch with our central office in Hobart on (03) 6226 6368 or