Advisory Board

The TIA Advisory Board is established by the Minister for Primary Industries and Water and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania under the collaboration agreement between the State Government and the University of Tasmania.

The role of the Advisory Board is to:

  • Provide advice to the collaboration partners in respect of management structure, operating policies, funding allocations and performance.
  • Provide active consideration to the strategic direction, RD&E priorities, budget and communication strategies and to advocate for TIA.
  • Oversight the actions of the TIA Director with respect to operation plans and programs, application of the budget and communication of RD&E outputs.
  • Current members of the TIA Advisory Board:

    Dr John Whittington

    (TIA Advisory Board Chairman) Secretary, DPIPWE

    Deidre Wilson

    Acting Deputy Secretary, DPIPWE

    Ms Carole Rodger

    Director, DPIPWE

    Professor Brigid Heywood

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), University of Tasmania

    Prof Brian Yates

    Professor Brian Yates

    Dean of Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, University of Tasmania

    Professor Holger Meinke

    TIA Director and Head of the School of Land and Food, University of Tasmania

    Mr James Stronach

    TIA Corporate Director

    Associate Professor Dugald Close

    TIA Deputy Director

    Mr Marcus Griffin

    Industry representative

    Dr Hazel MacTavish-West

    Industry representative

    Ms Mel Rae

    Industry representative

    Dr Davina Gregory-Dunsmuir

    Industry representative