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Social research to support a vibrant, growing and sustainable sector

The Aspirations for Food and Agriculture (TasAgFuture) project is a major TIA initiative to determine how we create value for the agriculture sector, support sustainable growth and ensure the sector is competitive into the future.

This project will help us align TIA's work with the goals of Tasmanian food producers and processors.

Through the project, Government, industry and TIA will better understand:

  • the drivers of change for Tasmanian food producers and processors
  • the changing needs for research, development and extension (RD&E).

Navigating together

Researcher in conversation with agricultural industry membersThe research team, led by Dr Peat Leith, is having conversations with TIA's partners in industry and government – and with the broader community – about where Tasmania's food and agriculture sectors are heading and how we will get there.

We want to explore the ways you are already navigating the changing agricultural environment, how you see the future and what you need to achieve your goals.

The initiative will engage with the larger agriculture and food community in three phases:

  1. One hundred detailed conversations at kitchen tables and boardrooms with food producers and processors across the state
  2. A wide-reaching survey for anyone working in food production and processing in Tasmania
  3. Applying the results to the work of TIA through action-oriented workshops with key stakeholders to determine ways forward.

Join us

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Meet the team

Flyer: 1 A4 page summary PDF 176KB

Slideshow: 13 slides (incl. methodology) PDF 798KB