About the Dairy Centre

The TIA Dairy Centre is a centre of excellence within a regional, national and global network, specialising in research, development, extension and education that contributes to prosperous, innovative and sustainable agriculture and natural resource-based activities. The TIA Dairy Centre mission is to undertake quality innovative and responsive research, development and extension to assist the dairy industry in achieving growth and development in a profitable and sustainable manner. The TIA Dairy Centre merged the development and extension resources of the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment with the research resources of TIA, creating a new and exciting capability for the Tasmanian and Australian dairy industry.  The key RDE&E priority areas of the TIA Dairy centre are:

  1. Animal Health and Welfare
  2. Animal Nutrition
  3. Benchmarking and Business Analysis
  4. Biophysical and Farm System Modelling
  5. Feedbase
  6. Natural Resources Management
  7. People, Education and Training
  8. Precision Agriculture and New Technologies

The TIA Dairy Centre maintains a close working relationship with Dairy Australia and DairyTas. The Centre receives support from Dairy Australia and DairyTas to distribute the Tassie Dairy News to dairy farmers throughout Tasmania. They also fund specific research, industry development and extension work carried out by the TIA Dairy Centre. The Centre's areas of work include:

  • Feed production – the production and consumption of pasture crops, grazing and harvesting management, water use efficiency and nutrient requirements
  • The factors affecting milk production – supplementary feeding, feed conversion, body tissue mobilisation, milking frequency, genetic merit and developmental epigenetic effects
  • Management of the dairy environment – synchronisation of fertiliser use with weather conditions, plant demands and soil properties, nutrient budgeting and management, and improvement of catchment water quality

The TIA Dairy Research Facility at Elliott is a fully operational 360-head dairy farming operation and is home to structured experiments based on a wide range of key industry issues. The Centre's work is guided by an Advisory Board made up of industry representatives with a wealth of experience.

Contact Details

Dairy Centre Leader: Dr Richard Rawnsley

Phone: +61 3 6430 4504


General enquiries: Julie Overall

Phone: +61 3 6430 4915

Fax: +61 3 6430 4959

Cradle Coast Campus
16-20 Mooreville Road
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