The TIA Dairy Centre Extension team conducts a number of activities that focus on business management on dairy farms. These activities take the form of the benchmarking program and annual Dairy Business of the Year Awards, which provides participants with an individual analysis of their business in comparison with other farms from around the state. Dairy businesses can choose to enter their farms' numbers into the benchmarking program without participating in the award itself, or can participate in the award at no cost. More information on the benchmarking program can be found on the Dairy Business of the Year page.

There is also the opportunity to participate in business groups as part of the TIA Dairy Centre's major extension program, Dairy Smart. There are a total of four business groups operating, one in the North West, one in the Burnie/Devonport region, one in the Central North (Cressy/Deloraine region), and one in the North East. The business groups focus on business analysis and management, cash flow budgeting and monitoring, and discussions around any major decisions each of the farms might be considering. These groups are run as closed groups, with the same members attending each meeting, enabling more detailed analysis and discussion around each farms' financials, and ensuring a high level of confidentiality. However, there is room for more members to be included in these groups, or additional groups to be set up. If you would like more information on any of these groups, or would like to be involved in the business groups or any other discussion groups run by TIA as part of our Dairy Smart extension program, please contact Lesley Irvine on 6430 4961 or email

The TIA Dairy Centre also has a range of publications and articles that focus on business management and can provide farmers with a useful guide or tool in running their dairy business. These can be found under the Business section on the Publications page.