Dairy Smart

Dairy Smart is a three-year extension project being delivered by TIA through funding provided by Dairy Australia and DairyTas, with additional support from the dairy industry services sector.


The project's objective is to assist dairy farmers to become profitable, resilient and sustainable so they can have the knowledge and skills to grow the Tasmanian dairy industry.

What's in it for dairy farmers?

Dairy Smart is a project that will give dairy farmers the skills and information to grow their business, increase their profitability, ensure a sustainable dairy business in the long term and be able to manage changes within the industry.

Participating in the project will give options for how to go about improving a dairy business through participation in specialised dairy farmer groups.

Dairy Smart also offers technical workshops, field days, seminars and an industry newsletter.

By joining the Dairy Smart program, dairy farmers will:

  • Increase their farm management knowledge
  • Have the ability to improve farm management skills of themselves and their employees
  • Have the opportunity to benchmark their business
  • Develop the skills to monitor farm performance so they can make the most of their farm resources

What are the types of groups that dairy farmers can participate in?

To accommodate for the different skill sets and needs of dairy farmers and their workers, there is a range of groups that farmers and their workers can participate in. The group that a participant chooses to join will depend on where they are with their business and what they want to do with it into the future.

The groups that are on offer include Feedbase and Nutrition Groups, Business Groups, and Farm Employee Groups.

For more information and a complete list of groups and their locations, following the following link: Groups and locations.

How do the groups work?

Groups are small in size, allowing participants time to learn from everyone. Each group sets their own outcomes and objectives with the participants driving what they want to learn and how much they learn. Participants will be able to improve their skills and knowledge with the help of their peers, a qualified TIA dairy adviser and occasional guest speakers and other industry representatives. Group meetings are usually held on different group member's farms, allowing discussion to develop around the host farm in addition to incorporating topic specific material.

Workshops and Field Days

A technical workshop and a series of field days will be held each year to complement group activities. The workshops and field days are open to all dairy farmers.

How do I become involved?

If you are interested in joining a Dairy Smart group or participating in a training workshop or field day, contact TIA Dairy Extension Officer, Lesley Irvine by email or on 03 6430 4961.


If you would like to give feedback regarding the 2012-13 Dairy Smart Feedbase and Nutrition Groups, please click on the following link to complete an on-line survey.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DairySmartFNGroupEval2013

Groups and locations