Robotic Milking Systems

Robotic milking systems (RMS) are increasing in number throughout Tasmania, with nine farms now using the technology in the state – one farm using AMR (Automatic Milking Rotary) and 8 farms with single unit boxes. 

For more information on RMS in Tasmania, including a RMS discussion group run by TIA, please contact Alexis Perez, TIA Dairy Development and Extension Officer, on 0418 876 089 or email

Robotic Milking System Focus Farm

Beginning in mid-2015, the TIA Dairy Centre is working with the Crowden family in an RMS Focus Farm program funded by Dairy Australia and DairyTas.  The aim of the focus farm is to demonstrate key decision making processes on a commercial robotic milking farm. 

Farm details

The Tasmanian Robotic Milking System Focus Farm is located at Western Creek in the central north region of Tasmania.  It is owned by the Crowden family and managed by Marcus and Zed Crowden.  The milking area is 50 hectares (25 ha of which is irrigated) on which approximately 210 cows are milked through three RMS units.

Focus Farm Updates

Tasmanian Case Studies

John, Arjan and Caroline van Adrichem (PDF 124KB)
Crowden Family, Marcus & Zed, Denis & Sheryl 

Resources and Links

There are a range of resources available to farmers and service providers regarding RMS.  Click on the links below for more information.

There are also a range of videos available that demonstrate various types of Robotic Milking Systems and the machines and technology used. Many of the companies that produce RMS technology have short videos that demonstrate how the machines are installed and used. Several of these videos can be found by following the links below.

  • Lely: Happy Cows, Good Milk -  
This video demonstrates the Astronaut A4 box unit, which has little to no human involvement in the milking process.
  • DeLaval Voluntary Milking System - 
This video demonstrates the DeLaval box unit system of voluntary milking.
  • DeLaval AMR 2011 - 
This video demonstrates the DeLaval Automatic Milking Rotary system. The AMR was developed with three key customer benefits in mind; profitability, farm management and flexibility. The DeLaval AMR will suits herds exceeding 300 cows.
  • GEA Farm Technologies Mlone Robotic Milking System - The GEA Farm Technologies Mlone robotic milking system is new to Australia, and this videa demonstrates delivery and installation of the system, introducing a cow to the milking box, manual attachment of the machine for the first milking, and automatic removal.
  • BouMatic Robotics MR-S1 Milking Robot (not yet available in Australia) - BouMatic Robotics are the first on the market to introduce a robotised milking system that doesn't milk the cow from the side, but from behind.
  • Insentec Galaxy Starline AMS Milking Robot