Feedbase PAR

Feedbase Participatory Action Research

What is 'Participatory Action Research'?

Participatory action research (PAR) is a process in which the researchers and participants in the research work collaboratively to identify research, action that research and reflect on outcomes.

In the Dairy On PAR project, a feedbase participatory action research group has been formed with the aim of 'increasing the number of farms in Tasmania achieving home-grown forage consumption greater than 1 t DM/ha/100 mm water'.  

The group members are:

  • Ben Popowski - dairy farmer, Smithton
  • Brian Lawrence - dairy farmer, Meander
  • Chris Haynes - milk supply manager, TDP
  • Darron Charles - dairy farmer, Mawbanna
  • David Squibb - agronomist, PGG Wrightson Seeds
  • Duncan Macdonald - dairy farmer, Yolla
  • Jason Lynch - consultant, Macquarie Franklin
  • Lesley Irvine - extension officer, TIA
  • Lydia Turner - social researcher, TIA
  • Nigel Brock - dairy farmer, Montana
  • Philip Murphy - feedbase technical officer, TIA
  • Pieter Raedts - feedbase researcher, TIA
  • Richard Romano - program manager for feedbase & nutrition, Dairy Australia
  • Stuart Burr - dairy farmer, Ringarooma
  • Wayne Hansen - dairy farmer, Flowerdale

Through a dairy industry feedbase forum and meetings of the feedbase PAR group, the area identified as the highest priority for further research is 'measuring and monitoring of the feedbase'.