Feedbase Forum

Dairy Industry Feedbase Forum

A dairy industry feedbase forum was held in October 2015 as part of the Dairy On PAR project.  It brought together key experts in five focus areas of feedbase management: 

  1. Grazing Management 
  2. Nitrogen Management 
  3. Irrigation Management
  4. Forage Crops
  5. Diverse Pasture Mixtures

Links to videos of the presentations and the PowerPoint presentations are provided below.  Feedback from participants at this forum has been used to inform the Feedbase PAR group of broader industry priorities.

Introduction - Jon Ryan

Grazing Management - Dr Richard Rawnsley, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

Nitrogen Management - Dr Richard Eckard, University of Melbourne

Irrigation Management - Dr James Hills, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

Forage Crops - Jason Lynch, Macquarie Franklin

Diverse Pasture Mixes - Dr Keith Pembleton, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture