Soils and Nutrient Management

The TIA Dairy Centre has a goal to develop production practices and systems that sustains dairy production, improves resource use efficiency and environmental performance. The Dairy Centre aims to carry out research, development and extension projects that focus on improving efficiency of dairy farm systems through knowledge of underpinning processes and application of this knowledge to enhance farm performance and efficiency in relation to resource use and environmental performance.


Project Information

Assessment of soil carbon stores at the farm scale in Tasmania

This project measured current on-farm soil carbon stores by physical measurement, and compared different scales of assessment of farm carbon stores. Assessment of farm carbon stores was compared using farm scale maps (1:10 000 – 1:25 000) to regional scale information on the Australian soil resource information system (ASRIS) (1:250 000). The ASRIS information is an integrated value of soil properties for each polygon, based on up to 6 soil components for each polygon attributed in the database.

Cotching, W E (2009) Quantifying soil carbon storage in the farm carbon story. Technical Report. Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, Burnie.

For more information on these projects contact the TIA Dairy Centre on (03) 6430 4953.


Nutrient budgeting for sustainable dairy farms and healthy rivers

The aim of this project was to increase farmer awareness and adoption of best management in fertiliser use and nutrient management in the Duck catchment and improve awareness with all industry stakeholders in Tasmania. The project also aimed to provide participating farmers with a better understanding of how their farming practices may impact on their soil and river health, and what steps they can take to reduce these impacts whilst improving the efficiency of any inputs, and reduce the environmental risk that intensive grazing industries pose to water and soil quality within the Duck catchment. This project was a partnership with DairyTas and is funded by The Australian Government's Caring for our Country program.


Montagu catchment soil phosphorus and pasture calibration

The aim of this project was to demonstrate a relationship between soil available phosphorus concentrations and pasture production on Hydrosols in northwest Tasmania and to better match soil fertiliser requirements with pasture growth in the Montagu catchment. This project was funded by Dairy Australia and DairyTas.

For more information, read a copy of the paper on Soil phosphorous effects on ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) production on a Hydrosol in Tasmania, by Bill Cotching and Lucy Burkitt.