TIA Dairy Research Facility

The TIA Dairy Research Facility is located on Nunns Road, Elliott, in the north west of the state. The research facility consists of:

  • 220 hectares (112 hectare milking area, 72 hectare run-off, remainder is bush, laneways, dams and buildings)
  • 20 unit a-side swing-over herringbone dairy with automatic cup removers, automatic weighing, auto-drafting, and an Alpro milk monitoring system. The dairy yard has been expanded to hold 400 cows and laneways renovated
  • A 300m (24hectare) centre pivot irrigator with variable rate control
  • 40% of the milking platform is irrigated (combination of centre pivot, k-line and fixed sprinkler irrigation)
  • 335 cows, 100 rising 2 year olds, and 120 rising 1 year olds.  The breeding policy aims to achieve a herd comprised of 20% Holstein Friesian animals with the remainder cross bred animals (primarily Friesian X Jersey).  Currently the herd also contains a number of Friesian x Aussie Red and Friesian x Montbeliarde x Aussie Red.
  • Basic laboratory and drying oven facilities

Research at TDRF is conducted in numerous ways ñ small plots within paddocks, comparisons between areas on the farm, or larger scale research that uses part of the farm and a herd of cows.   Research is conducted mainly in the areas of:

  • Feedbase (pasture and crops)
  • Soils and nutrient management
  • Water
  • Cow health and nutrition
  • Use of technology

Ongoing, regular monitoring is carried out to provide information for farm management and to also create a database of historical information that can be used for research purposes.

This monitoring includes:

  • Daily milk production
  • Daily climatic data
  • Weekly pasture walks on milking area
  • Monthly weighing of milking cows
  • Monthly weighing of young stock
  • Monthly condition scoring of milking cows

For more information on the research facility contact the Acting Farm Manager, Thomas Snare, on 0429 940 063 or email Thomas.Snare@utas.edu.au.