About the Extensive Agriculture Centre

Wool, red meat, cereals and grain legumes collectively account for about one third of the total gross value of Tasmania's agricultural production. The significant contribution of these industries is reflected in the breadth of research that TIA conducts to support them.

TIA's applied research for the extensive agriculture sector aims to address industry problems with practical solutions. Our work is conducted across a range of production systems and landscapes, from extensive rangeland grazing and dry-land cereal cropping, to intensive beef finishing systems in the high rainfall zone and intensive irrigated cropping of cereals achieving yields of over 10 tonnes a hectare.

Plant breeding and improvement are a major focus, and better management of existing farming systems is also investigated. TIA is also partner in a venture which expedites the commercial release of new pasture species and cultivars.

Where possible, our RD&E activity is linked with similar programs nationally and internationally, and is conducted in close cooperation with industry.

Extensive Agriculture Strategic Plan 2010-11 (PDF 516KB)

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