More Beef from Pastures

TIA delivers support for the Tasmanian Beef Industry through the More Beef from Pastures program, in partnership with Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).

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MLA More Beef from Pastures is an extension program that provides beef producers with access to information and development activities that aim to improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of beef enterprises through optimising the use of the feed-base.

The More Beef from Pastures Producers Manual is at the core of the program highlighting best practice principles that can be applied by all beef producers.  The manual addresses key impact areas across the business, including business direction, tactical stock control, pasture growth and utilisation, genetics, weaner throughput, herd health and meeting market specifications.

The Key principles are supported by procedures that can be practically applied and toolkits of information and online decision support tools that assist this application.

Each of these steps within the producer’s manual have been developed by aligning science with the proven practice of successful producers from around the nation.

MLA More Beef from Pastures delivers field days, training activities, demonstration sites and media communications to illustrate the application of the programs principles.

Currently a key activity within the program is the Ringarooma Towards 2000 grazing trial which is investigating the value of legume within beef grazing systems.

For more information Contact Peter Ball Tasmanian More Beef from Pastures coordinator