Food Safety Centre Projects


Project Description Chief Investigator Funding Body End Date
Pathways to market: Transforming food industry futures through improved sensing, provenance and choice This project will define information transmitted through supply chains adding value to Tasmania food products exported to North American and Asian markets. Information will include food safety/quality models, and environmental data.
Mark Tamplin Australian Research Council: Grant-Industrial Transformation Research Hub; 31/12/2017
Bacterial physiology relevant to meat microbiological quality The goal of this project is to enhance the shelf-life and safety of meat products by understanding factors extending shelf-life, and novel carcase treatments reducing E. coli contamination.
Mark Tamplin, Tom Ross, John Bowman Meat and Livestock Australia 1/06/2016
Understanding spore-forming bacteria in Australian dairy products Spore forming bacteria can cause spoilage of processed dairy products, and are also potentially a technical barrier to export trade. This integrated project, involving four research organisations, will collect information and develop new technologies to understand the sources and importance of bacterial endospores in cheese, UHT and milk powders and to find solutions.
Tom Ross, Mark Tamplin Gardiner Foundation 31/12/2014
Human enteric viruses in Australian bivalve shellfish Sampling of oysters in sites on the mainland and in Tasmania for norovirus and E.coli. This will be followed by a risk assessment based on the data collected.
Tom Ross Seafood CRC 31/10/2014
Quantitative microbial process model to estimate the risk of salmonellosis from consuming pork and pork products This project, through the PhD research of Mr. Philip gurman, is conducting a scientific assessment of risk from Salmonolla in Australian pork products, It will generate insights and provide advice to the industry, including producers, processors,retailers, and regulatory authorities on the ways to maximise the safety of Australian pork products.
Tom Ross, Andreas Kiermeier Pork Austtalia Ltd.
Atlantic salmon gastrointestinal health and productivity Examines the relationship between salmon gut microbiology with salmon farm data including the farm production cycle and use of commercial feeds followed by an examination of feeds of different quality. The third section of the project examines an in vitro gut model to better understand salmon gut microbiology. The project provides data that will inform improvements to salmon productivity through how microbes respond to feed and farm management practices. The project extensively collaborates with CSIRO, University of the Sunshine Coast, feed companies (Skretting, Ridleys) and with Tassal Group
John Bowman Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre 31/12/2014
Investigating the impact of nutrition, in-feed bioactive compounds and environmnent on gut and gill microbial population dymanics and histology in farmed Atlantic salmon Examines gut microbiology, gill microbiology, histoplathology and growth performance of salmon on a range of experimental feeds applied within a commercial setting. Five different feed companies are collaborating on this project with Huon Aquaculture and also collaborates with AMC
John Bowman, Barbara Nowak Huon Aquaculture 31/12/2014