Biotechnology & Fermentation

A microbial biotechnology research stream has recently been established within the Food Safety Centre. The laboratory contains state-of-the-art microbial research equipment, including multiple microbial bioreactors capable of very precise environmental control and full data logging, fluorometry (including fluorescence polarisation), gel-based proteomics (including Southern, Northern and Western Blotting) and a positive pressure, atmosphere controlled cell-culture facility.

The projects carried out in this area are diverse and have an emphasis on proteomics and fermentation based research. Current projects are investigating atypical induction of the stringent response in Listeria monocytogenes (physiological stress independent of starvation) and how this contributes to environmental persistence, survival of probiotic bacteria (including identification of factors which augment a strains utility as a probiotic dietary adjunct), biofilm production and searching for soil-borne microbes capable of long-chain carbon anabolism from waste products.