Risk Assessment

Food safety risk assessment is a systematic approach to quantify the potential harm to human populations from exposure to toxins and pathogens in foods. Its aim is to assist authorities to identify the most effective strategies to minimise food safety risks, whether within a production environment or throughout a food supply chain.

Assessment of food safety risk requires synthesis of diverse knowledge and data about microbial ecology and physiology in foods and food processing environments, epidemiology, food consumption patterns and human susceptibility to infections and intoxications. Through our expertise in microbial ecology, physiology and predictive modelling, the Food Safety Centre has the skills, knowledge and capacity for high-level microbial food safety risk assessment. We have undertaken food safety risk assessment projects for Australian state governments, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), industry research organisations, private companies and we also regularly contribute expertise to the United Nations Joint Expert Meetings on Microbial Risk Assessment (JEMRA).

Prawn Supply Chain Project (MS Word 16KB)

The raw truth about unpasteurised cheese (PDF 160KB)