TIA’s Irrigation RD&E Program provides the infrastructure knowledge needed to unlock the full economic, social and environmental potential of investment in irrigation infrastructure.

The Program is managed by TIA and delivered in collaboration with a range of RD&E providers through well-established partnerships. 

The Program will accelerate agricultural productivity and profitability by targeting a range of critical industry needs including:

  • More profitable farms, viable rural communities and improved natural resource management (NRM) outcomes
  • Rapid adoption of new technologies and business models
  • Irrigation investments that remain productive and profitable into the long term future
  • Adoption of cost-effective precision agriculture 
  • Better business models and value chains

RD&E priorities for this program will be shaped over time by its partners. Consultation and foresighting have already provided a strong stakeholder mandate.

The Program’s Leadership Team is made up of experts with a vast array of knowledge and experience. 

Working closely with the Advisory Group and other key stakeholders, the Leadership Team will coordinate the development of this world class research, development and extension (RD&E) program.


2014 Consultation 

During the first half of 2014, the Tasmanian Government funded a consultancy by Macquarie Franklin and Jason Alexandra to assist TIA to:

  1. Consolidate existing irrigation-related RD&E capability across TIA into a focused irrigation RD&E Program; and
  2. Design and seek agreement on a nationally coordinated RD&E program with an aspirational target of $5 million in new funding over three years.

The consultancy was a great success, and provided the external impetus, ideas and resources to generate a new RD&E unit within TIA.
Initial consultations (PDF) introduced the program to diverse groups of stakeholders, and collected initial feedback on RD&D priorities for the program. These initial priorities were refined in a foresighting workshop (PDF) conducted in April 2014, which also led to the formation of an advisory group for the program.
The consultancy helped to build wide agreement in government, industry and research  on the scope of a nationally coordinated irrigation RD&E program for Tasmania (PDF).
The consultancy also produced a draft business plan (PDF) for the program. This plan will be finalised in consultation with funding partners such as the Tasmanian Government’s AgriGrowth team.