Leadership Team


Sue Hinton

Sue is the leader of the TIA Irrigation RD&E Program.

Sue also works in the role of extension leader in TIA's Vegetable Centre. She is an experienced agronomist who places a strong emphasis on sustainable soil and water management practices to improve productivity.

Sue has worked in research, development and extension with a focus on understanding soil-water-plant relationships and the use of tools, such as soil water monitoring instruments, variable rate irrigation and EM38 mapping, to support decision making in irrigated cropping systems.

Sue has managed a number of projects around water management, including Adoption of Sustainable Water Use on Tasmanian Vegetable Farms. Sue has delivered a large number of workshops and training around water management and irrigation. 


Brian Field

Brian is the Leader of the Extensive Agriculture Centre at TIA. He brings a wealth of experience to the Irrigation Program, having worked across a wide range of RD&E areas over the past 20 years.

Currently, a major component of Brian's activities involve developing and supporting staff to provide relevant RD&E to Tasmania's beef, sheep and grain industries. He also has oversight of the development of a research focus hub at the Cressy Farm with increased capability to deliver irrigation RD&E.

Brian represents TIA at many levels, including as a member of the Tasmanian GRDC supported Farm Business Updates Steering Committee presenting and delivering workshops to Tasmanian producers, and nationally on the MLA supported Feed-Base Investment Plan Steering Committee.



Dr Marcus Hardie

Dr Marcus Hardie is a soil scientist specialising in soil hydrology.

He bring to the Irrigation Program experience in irrigation research and water use efficiency from the Queensland sugar industry, experience with the management of the texture contrast soils in southern Tasmania including issues such as salinity and sodicity, and interest in the use and development of soil water modelling tools and sensor technology to improve irrigation and soil management.

His research interest include geophysics in irrigation management, soil water modelling, mechanics of preferential flow processes, application of variable rate irrigation and sensor technology, and management of texture contrast soils.



James Hills

James is a research fellow with TIA's Dairy Centre. He has a particular interest in variability in farming systems and the use of technology for measuring and managing this variability to improve the efficiency and sustainability of production. 

He currently leads a team of researchers focusing on research in the areas of feedbase, animal nutrition, biophysical and farm-system modelling and precision agriculture and new technologies relevant to temperate pasture-based dairy systems.


David Parsons Headshot


Dr David Parsons

David Parsons is a research fellow in agronomy and agricultural systems. David has worked as a research  agronomist, and as a commercial agronomist.

David currently conducts research in the areas of farming systems, crop-livestock systems, whole farm modelling, systems dynamics, crop modelling, forage and crop agronomy, and climate change adaptation. 




Phoebe Bobbi

Phoebe works as a Project Officer with TIA. She brings expertise to the Irrigation Program in communications, digital marketing and media. 

As Communications Manager for the Irrigation Program, Phoebe will be producing timely and dynamic communications for the Program's various stakeholders.