About the Vegetable Centre

Organisational structure

Organisational structure for the Vegetable Centre (PDF 170KB)

The Vegetable Centre focuses on research, development and extension in the vegetable and allied industries, including poppies, pyrethrum and herbs in Tasmania. The major vegetable crops in our portfolio are potatoes, onions, carrots, brasssica  (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli), beans and peas. The Centre maintains close contact with industries to ensure our programs are relevant to them, while developing our national and international presence.

The Centre has programs in production efficiency, pest management, irrigation, a wide range of vegetable crops, agricultural practices including Controlled Traffic Farming and irrigation efficiency and marketing of vegetable crops.

Discipline areas of strength are soil and soil management, plant physiology, plant nutrition, plant pathology, integrated pest management, seed certification, and marketing and value chain analysis.

The Centre is based at the University's Cradle Coast Campus in Burnie, and has operations at:

  • Cuthbertson Agricultural Laboratories, within UTAS Burnie Campus
  • Forthside Vegetable Research Facility, Forth, near Devonport
  • Mt Pleasant Research Laboratories, Launceston
  • New Town Research Laboratories and Sandy Bay in Hobart.

Vegetable Centre Goals

The role of the TIA Vegetable Centre is to:

  • Lead and facilitate the research, development and extension of viable and sustainable processing and fresh vegetable industries as well as the extractive poppy, pyrethrum and other high value industries grown in rotation with vegetables.
  • Contribute to the growth and development of sustainable agricultural production in Tasmania through a range of projects and programs addressing issues such as:
    • sustainable land and water management
    • improved efficiency of use of key inputs in nutrients, water, energy
    • industry environmental footprint
    • improved production systems and value chains for vegetable and associated industries
    • systems that facilitate improved vegetable farm profitability
    • systems that facilitate improved international competitiveness
    • education and training
    • facilitating market development and promotion.

In undertaking these roles, the TIA Vegetable Centre will implement strategies for the vegetable and associated industries in alignment with the relevant Tasmanian and national vegetable industry strategic plans, SMART farming initiative, the Tasmanian Vegetable Industry Marketing Plan and the University of Tasmania's EDGE2 strategy.

Consistent with these general principles, and the need to be nationally and internationally engaged to optimise return to stakeholders, the Centre will be of national and international significance in innovative, strategic, basic and applied research, and development and extension projects applicable to the vegetable industry and specialist crops including poppies, pyrethrum and hemp, and that in the longer term, it will work on additional crops and cropping systems. It will emphasise collaboration with local, national and international RD&E providers in project development and implementation.

Vegetable Centre Strategic Plan 2014-2018 (PDF 5.2MB)

Vegetable Centre Capability Statement (PDF 164KB)

Contact Details

Centre Leader: Dr Mark Boersma
Phone: +61 3 6430 4928

General enquiries: Julie Overall
Phone: +61 3 6430 4915
Fax: +61 3 6430 4959
Cradle Coast Campus
16-20 Mooreville Road
Box 3523