Precision Agriculture Project

Project Area Project Title

Pest and disease management

Diseases Soil-borne disease management diagnostic
Understanding the Infection and Population Biology of Poppy Downy Mildew for Improved Crop Resistance
The Importance of Tuber Borne Inoculum on the Health of Seed Potatoes and on the Storability of Processing Potatoes (APRP2)
Diagnostic tests for soilborne pathogens - International Collaboration (APRP2)
Survey the Impacts of Commercial Rotations on Pathogen Inoculum Levels (APRP2)
8th Australian Soilborne Diseases Symposium
Tan Spot disease an emerging threat to pyrethrum production
Integrated Management of Diseases of Pyrethrum
Understanding the evolution of fungicide resistance for durable control of fungal pathogens in pyrethrum
ASDS8 - Conference support for vegetable specialists

Farming Systems

Machinery Prioritise vegetable crop commodities for mechanisation

Agronomic practices Investigating raised beds as a means of reducing water logging in pyrethrum
Evaluation of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in a vegetable rotation
Physiology of Onion Bulbs Destined for Export Markets