Farm Demonstration Sites

The project is supporting the application of PA techniques and delivery of PA analysis on six regional case study sites that broadly represent the soils, farm management practices and rotational cropping enterprises relevant to the local area.

The project has established commercial-scale, on-farm case study sites on properties in the Meander Valley, northern midlands, north-east, Tunbridge and on the north-west coast.

The aim is to give farmers, advisors and agri-business partners the opportunity to observe and assess the use of PA systems in relation to their own businesses.

The project team intends to identify and address the main productivity constraint/s for each case study site or crop as it actively grows.

Location of farm demonstration sites

Demonstration site characteristics

Sisters Creek - potatoes, vegetables, cereals and poppies

Forth - vegetables, cereals and poppies

Hagley - cereals, peas, seed potatoes, onions, poppies, grass seed

Waterhouse - seed potatoes and forage

Longford - onions, broccoli and grass seed

Tunbridge - poppies and grass seed

  • Intensive irrigation in dry climate
  • Poppy production
  • Salinity management strategies
  • Crop vigour analysis