Tasmanian Seed Potato Advisory Committee


FieldTasmanian Seed Potato Advisory Committee

A seed potato advisory committee – known as the TasSeed Seed Potato Advisory Committee – was formed in 2013. Its role is to advise the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) on seed potato certification services and related plant health matters. Plant health issues of immediate concern are viruses, potato cyst nematode, and potato and tomato psyllid and Potato Tuber Spindle Viroid (PSTV-d). 

Membership of the Committee is Mr Les Murdoch (Simplot, Chair), Mr Kevin Clayton Green (Harvest Moon), Horticultural Scientist Mark Boersma (TIA), Ms Leonie White (TIA) and three farmer representatives, Mr Michael Coote, Scottsdale, Mr Glenn Carr, Upper Natone, and Mr Gavin Clark, Deloraine.  Gavin is a commercial potato producer and was appointed to the Committee by TFGA, and he or a nominee from TFGA will attend all meetings. Michael and Glenn are seed potato growers, and were appointed following an Expression of Interest and selection process. The Committee is expected to meet three times per year, with consideration given to seed certification, virus, PCN, psyllid monitoring and other relevant issues that affect the certification schemes.

Seed potato producers and customers can be confident their interests will be conveyed to TIA and that input on issues such as certification standards and plant health monitoring will be brought to the attention of the appropriate bodies through this new Committee.