Ninety per cent of Tasmanian agrifood and fibre products are consumed outside of the state and must compete in global and national markets. Their competitiveness is determined not just by the efficiency of production but also beyond the farm gate by the efficiency and effectiveness of their supply chains in delivering value to consumers.

So it is necessary to understand what consumer's value and what our competitors are doing to focus producers, processors or marketers and retailers on the task of creating and delivering that value to consumers.

Consequently TIA and its collaborators have been examining market opportunities, exploring new and innovative products and developing new ways Tasmanian producers can collaborate to compete in global markets. We have also been researching downstream how value creating supply chains, or value chains, can be managed to be more innovative, flexible and competitive. Our projects include:

  • Adaptive value chain approaches which is investigating how value chains are impacted by climate change and how they can respond through adaptation and mitigation strategies;
  • Accounting for agriculture in place-based frameworks for regional development which is investigating the role of place-based factors in regional agricultural development.
  • Broccoli Value Chain Project (2012–13) investigating the targeted supply of Tasmanian broccoli into a major domestic market.

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