Development and Extension

In 2010, TIA completed a review of its Development and Extension [D&E Definitions (PDF 420KB)] services aimed at continuous improvement and innovation into the future [D&E Review Report (PDF 1.2MB)]. The review led to an implementation plan in which TIA developed interpretations of each recommendation to enable staff to further develop and own the implementation.

A D&E Convenor (0.6 FTE) was appointed in late March, 2011 according to the implementation plan. The role of the Convenor is to coordinate D&E staff and resources to enable RD&E projects that are fit for purpose, use contemporary approaches and are grounded in appropriate relationships and effective partnerships.

TIA has a Memorandum of Understanding (PDF 124KB) with a number of private agricultural consultancy providers that puts on record our joint commitment for close collaboration in the design and implementation of agricultural development and extension activities that will improve the profitability and sustainability of agriculture in Tasmania.

Working effectively with partners is central to TIA’s policy (PDF 489KB) and ensures we grow the capability of TIA and the service-provider sector as a whole.

UTAS staff can access information about the TIA D&E Community of Practice at the Wiki website.