Acacia plantations in Indonesia

Optimising silvicultural management and productivity of high-quality acacia plantations, especially for sawlogs

Funding body: ACIAR

Status: Completed

Schedule: 2008–2012

Lead Organization: CSIRO

TIA researchers: Chris Beadle (CSIRO/HRA), Caroline Mohammed, Daniel Mendham (CSIRO/HRA)

Vietnam has a rapidly expanding plantation estate of acacias. Community/smallholder farmers account for a substantial part of that estate, and solid wood from acacias offers them an opportunity to generate a high income. However success depends on the quality of silvicultural systems adopted.

The underpinning objectives of this project will be to quantify the role of pruning and thinning in community forests to optimise tree size and log distribution, to examine the roles of site and soil management in the sustainable production of community forests grown for sawlog and pulpwood production, to relate potential productivity of Acacia auriculiformis and Acacia hybrid to site parameters in resource-limited environments in Vietnam, and to develop tools to support improved management. Such tools will assist farmers to manage plantations already in the ground, helping them to produce high-value sawlogs rather than lower-value pulpwood.

Another outcome will be a simple decision support system on which to base optimum site selection and well informed silvicultural management of sawlogs (and pulpwood) that includes maximising tree health.